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The Department of Business Studies is that wing of the College of Distance Education mandated to coordinate all business programmes run on distance mode. Among our mandate is to mount demand driven undergraduate and graduate programmes that focus strongly on the application of leading edge management thinking that help our students to realise their full potential. Our programmes seek among others to develop critical thinking skills and the knowledge required to be a specialist in your field of work. Our programmes, provides students with a complete different learning experience that brings out the best in our clients.



“To be the leading provider of quality, flexible and affordable open and distance business learning”



“We increase access to quality and affordable business education and offer lifelong learning opportunities through the use of the state of the art technology, employing flexible mode of learning, and providing a conducive learning environment”.


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Our Core value is simply INTEGRITY

Innovation: We believe in having relevant and innovative curriculum, use technology aided                 instructional methods and problem based research to solve societal problems.

Nurturing and Networking: Develop global collaborating and partnership

Teamwork: We are noted for noted for sharing through working together and pooling experiences   and expertise

Equal Opportunity and Access: We offer flexible system of learning, increased access and equity, and work towards development of a knowledge society.

Good Governance: Being transparent, open, inclusive and accountable to our shareholders 

Respect: the rights and feelings of others are always considered, ensuring high standards of professional and ethical conduct.

Intellectual growth: we believe in the professional and ethical development of our students and staff.

Trustworthy: reliable, dependable, incorruptible and above suspicion 

Yearning: we always have intense feeling of lack when our clients are dissatisfied.

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